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5 tips for best dental hygiene


Oral Hygiene affects more than just your teeth, it’s connected to your overall health. Simple changes in your everyday life can make a huge difference without much effort. I’ll tell you a secret little trick that helps the healthiest people on the planet keep great teeth and health. Nowadays everything is automated and getting expert tools is super simple, there are many apps that can greatly improve your health. Douglas dental finds that the biggest problems with human health today relates to your oral hygiene, studies have shown this is common for people to disregard, even more important to keep in mind.  The two most important weapons against a dirty mouth, can you guess them? In this expert article you will find huge amounts of value and start living a healthier oral hygiene life! Happy smiles!

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Coconut Oil is oral hygiene’s secret best friend

First of all you may be thinking, how in the world does coconut oil help my teeth? Coconut oil has been used for a long, long time, and there has been studies on the world’s healthiest people. They use coconut oil for everything, so this was a perfect starting point for scientists to research more and they found astonishing results!
SO HOW DOES Coconut oil WORK?
You want to use it like a mouthwash, put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and move it around for about 10 mins. The huge reason for doing this is that it will lower the amount of bad bacteria in the mouth for a happier healthier smile.


Oral Hygiene is an important part of a happy life

Very similar to other parts of your body your mouth is flooded with bacteria! Good and bad bacteria of course! Most of the bacteria that reside there is in fact bad, sorry to break the news! Not taking good care of your oral health can cause your bad bacteria to get out of control, that can lead to many problems, such as oral infections, tooth decay, gum disease, and many more. It’s very important to learn and take care of your teeth. Following these simple steps is an easy way to get closer to a healthy mouth. When your mouth is happy, the body is feeling happy, and you’re happy.

21st century use teeth mobile App

Nowadays everything is technology, so why don’t upgrade your health? The large companies with billions of dollars have figured this out and created the best tools to help you stay smiling, and all of this is as for your fingertips. That’s right, you already have it right beside you, it’s on your phone.
1) Brush Dj – helps you brush your teeth for optimal timing and keeps you entertained
2) Dental Expert – Guide to everything you need to know about dentist procedures and tips on healthy mouth
3) Teeth Whiter – Want whiter teeth? Upgrade your teeth color with this app!

Tongue scraper + Floss = Awesome Smile

There are so many benefits to the tongue scraper and floss I can’t cover all of them, and here I bring some of the most common. Tongue scrapers clears toxins on the tongue leaving you with a better smelling more resilient tongue. Dentist says undigested food can get stuck on your tongue, and the best way to get rid of it is using the tongue scraper. Believe it or not the tongue scraper enhances the taste of food! It also lightly stimulates the your internal organs. Without flossing our teeth half the world will have missing teeth. It cleans the surface of our teeth and the gaps between our teeth where bacteria reside. Don’t floss and you will find problems with plaque build-up that soon leads to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Use these two powerful mouth tools, and the simple fixes will make a powerful difference in your overall health.

Mouth Health In A Nut Shell

Oral hygiene reduces cancer, hypertension, and many more illnesses. Don’t forget to apply these tips or you’ve wasted your time here! Use the immense power of coconut oil, there has been studies that show that the healthiest people on earth live by this! Leverage the power of technology, there is no need to be spending time researching when billion dollar companies have already spent loads of money researching and packaging the information in easy to digest apps. Thank you much for the information provided by Douglas dentistry.  Lastly, remember a healthy oral hygiene is a happy life!

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